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Jivasu’s Talks in India and Malaysia-March 2014

Rishikesh – India March 1-7 Seven talks, dialogues and meditations at hotel Ganga Kinare and Nada Yoga Institute For details – March 7-15 Seven talks, dialogues and meditation with International Students of Yoga Teacher Training Program Malaysia March 20-26 Five talks and meditations organized by SP Kannan through Shirdi Sai Baba Society of Malaysia […]

Meditation Program

Cultivating Inner Silence

‘Silence is the source of all that exists’ Our mind is filled with noise of thoughts. Awake or asleep, working or resting, thoughts don’t leave us alone, making us tired, stressed, anxious and ill. Distractions help to escape from them but they rush back as soon as the distraction is over. Is it possible to […]