Michelle Baldin

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Michelle Baldin (CYA-E-RYT-300, Certified Meditation Facilitator) is known as a deeply rooted, spiritual person. After a life changing situation, Michelle believes yoga weaved its way to her, and saved her. She completed her 200 hour Therapeutic Yoga Training (hatha) under the careful direction of Heather Greaves and additional 100 hours of specialized meditation training with Jivasu.

In addition to her yoga training, Michelle has completed various meditation and mindfulness courses. The one that had deepened her practice the most was a 10 day silent retreat, lead by S.N. Goenka, learning the technique of Vipassana meditation. This retreat was profound for her, and has strengthened her understanding of mindfulness and equanimity.

Michelle meshes her strength in her understanding of the breathing techniques and movement of yoga to help others find their way as they embark on their own journey. Her life experiences broadened her vision and understanding, which allows her to see and appreciate all moments in the now. This has allowed her classes to be conducted with careful attention to her students needs . She has the uncanny ability to see situations from a different angle, thus creating the moment of awareness for others.

In 2015 Michelle chose to deepen her practice by travelling to India with a group, lead by Jivasu. It was there that she was able to absorb in the culture as well as complete 100 hours in yoga asanas, philosophy, and meditation. During that time, Michelle had the inspiring opportunity to learn an immeasurable amount of information from a handful of teachers, two stood out the most:

  • Her meditation teacher, Jivasu Kumar, who is internationally known and leaves his ego at every door he enters, has been an inspiration for Michelle as he teaches with depth and simplicity; into the levels of yoga philosophy, as it links with Naturality. He has provided a depth of knowledge that ties into Michelle’s yoga style and teachings in her mindfulness classes.
  • Parveen Nair, is an Iyengar yoga teacher, taught by the children and master teacher of B.K.S. Iyengar himself. Parveen has the uncanny ability to gently discipline with such precision in each asana while connecting to the class with his sense of humour. It was through Parveen’s scrupulous techniques that Michelle was able to bring great influence of particularity, and attention to alignment to her yoga classes. This has been most welcomed by her students.

Michelle continues to keep in touch with her teachers, as she has a passion for helping others, and is a lifelong learner.

On a personal level, Michelle enjoys her mindful moments as a full time educator, raising three beautiful children, strength training, and helping people in the southern Ontario region with yoga movements and mindful practices. When she does have extra time, she is in her realm when she is mindfully drawing and dancing through her asanas.