Vatsala Agarwal

Vatsala (B.Tech. CS, EPHRM IIM Cal) is a passionate explorer of places, people, philosophies and whatever else the world offers to her. During the last 16 years of her professional journey, she has been a Manager, an Entrepreneur, an Experiential Trainer & Speaker and a Mentor. Her ‘compassionately realistic’ approach has always guided her into finding every relationship and situation as an opportunity to turn inwards and live life with more awareness.

The immensity and the mystery of existence has always intrigued and thrilled her. She considers herself a permanent student of life and has always tried to walk her natural path. In the midst of her work as a teacher and trainer, she was relentlessly searching for a meaningful core that would integrate the personal, familial, professional and social dimensions of her life. This quest took her to gurus, spiritual teachings/practices, energy healings as well as led her to change her job and locations many times. However, nothing satiated her. The breakthrough came when she met Jivasu in October ‘16 and was introduced to the teachings of Naturality. Furthermore, a peek into Jivasu’s life, his profound knowledge, his most natural modesty and his unassuming ability to answer her incessant questions about everything, initiated certain kind of natural integration in her. Her journey now, although full of unknowns, seems quite clear to her.

She, along with Jivasu, have co-founded Naturality, India which envisions bringing forth the teachings ofNaturality to a global level and touch the lives of all those who aspire to become fully functional and creative individuals. Through the programs, there is a desire to create space where people will celebrate and share who they are and start living according to their natural self. With this awareness, individuals can embark upon a voyage to discover the inner guru, the personal guiding light present in all of us, which will take them to a place where they are meant to be.