“India is the place where I connected with the river inside myself ~ a spiritual and adventurous journey that I will never forget and will always want to visit again. I left a little of my heart there, especially at Samagra and the Himalayan mountains”.
- Sue

“My pilgrimage to India with Jivasu and Samagra was filled with many wonderful experiences that allowed me to touch and feel the Spirit and Heart of India!
I highly recommend this journey to those who wish to experience India with the humble and caring guidance of those with a deep passion for their country”.
– Katie


“The last meditation course I had the pleasure of attending was wonderful. From time to time, I encounter sleep difficulities, and that was primarily the reason for registering to take the course. The sessions, along with the book and CD’s were very helpful. My sleeping has improved immensely due to the meditation and other studies I have pursued. It was such a positive experience, I even convinced my husband to join me, which he did. He found it relaxing and was very impressed with the way in which lessons were presented”.
– Helen Coon

“Learning from and working with Jivasu, Sham Rang and Diane was a wonderful experience. Not only did I benefit from practical lessons on specific topics pertaining to meditation,I very much enjoyed the interesting discussions among participants and teachers. All of this was within a very welcoming, accepting and open-minded environment”.
– Marlene Oliveira

“I loved these programs and could not have found a better fit between science and spirituality. I was so deeply impressed by the manner with which Jivasu could clearly present very complex ideas in very engaging and non-dogmatic ways. I enjoyed the yoga instructions of Sham Rang and the exploration of the archetypal psychology by Diane. When you put all of it together these are programs that satisfy the intellect and engage the heart without ever preaching. Body/mind wellness at its best. I heartily recommend any program these facilitators offer and hope you’ll benefit half as much as I have. Metta”.
– Stephen Hudecki

“I found your Meditation sessions calming and re-energizing. They helped me to clear my mind and to focus on how my thoughts are influencing my perception of my day to day existence. I would be very interested in taking more sessions with you. Thank you”.
– Nick Campbell

“You don’t just learn how to meditate – you learn so much more. The insight and knowledge that the instructors have is invaluable. Jivasu, Diane & Sham Rang are not only kind, gentle and truly inspiring they are so very knowledgeable and they are the essence of calm. They make you feel like you are the most important person in the room. Everyone is treated with love and respect. I completed the beginners class and moved on to the instructor’s class that was offered in the fall. I would recommend everyone to try out the wonderful world of meditation and relaxation”.
– Gail Williamson

“When I attended the meditation class on Wednesdays it helped me to better manage the stress I felt in my life. I was able to focus better and clear my mind. I felt more in control and calm. However, I believe one needs to continue the practice on a regular basis in order to maintain all that is learned (for me that is) and I believe it is better for me if I had an ongoing practice group to associate with. I should probably take the class again every so often”.
– Dianne Lech

“I enjoyed/experienced the meditation series more than you can imagine. Instructors were very knowledgable and insightful. I would love the opportunity to to do it all over again as I’m certain there was much that I missed the first time around”.
– Carm Balinson

“My experience with meditation has been one of relaxation and self- awareness. Once I come home from work, it is very difficult to get up and go out again. During the meditation classes, I was anxious to get going and participate. It was a definite stress reliever I enjoyed the course so much that I have suggested it to co-workers and advised that I will be taking the course again in 2010”.
– Doug Dunsford

“I loved the Meditation course that I took immensely and found that the discussions were very thought provoking, the meditations very peace inducing and the energy of the facilitators very magnificent!”
– Kelly

“I had been searching for a working spiritual model that was consistent and included all aspects of my life. Meditation was something that I had been practicing on my own for 8 years. I had read over 40 books on the topic of self help, self mastery, success and spirituality. This course influenced absolutely every aspect of my life. Meeting Jivasu and the rest of the staff has been a life changing experience. I now include yoga in my weekly exercise practice. I found this course stimulating, in-depth and totally honest! Jivasu’s real life experience and his ability to force you to challenge the way you interpret the world has changed my life for ever. Thank-you guys”.
– John dePass

“I enjoyed taking the course and learning about different meditation/relaxation methods as well as learning from different people’s styles. I also enjoyed learning about Jivasu’s experiences and theories as well as those of the other teachers. Overall, I liked the variety of teaching methods, styles and experiences. I benefited from taking this course. I highly recommended it to many others since”.
– Hapidou Eleni

“If you are serious about understanding what meditation can do for you, and for those around you, then this is the course to assist in your journey.
A Neurologist recommended that I attend some meditation classes for chronic pain, and ended up falling in love with the teachings offered by Jivasu and the other wonderful teachers. MTTP (Meditation Teacher Training Program) courses have helped me help others, with clear, knowledgeable, scientifically researched and empathetic methods.”
– Kim Easton (www.holisticservices.ca)