“As our biology evolves, our consciousness expands” – Jivasu

We have now entered an era in which faith-based paths no longer have the ability to quench our inner thirst. We must find a way where faith affirms reason and that reason guides our faith.

Truth remains the same, but its interpretations differ according to the time period and cultural context. In order to stay contemporary, we must constantly reinterpret the Truth. The modern era urgently needs such a reinterpretation, because for the first time in human history, a world culture based on reason, science, academic education, material well being and the rights of the individual, is emerging.

As the old faiths are fading, many sense a void in their lives and are searching for new paths to guide them through the emptiness. There is a keen interest in self-inquiry and a yearning for a self-knowledge that connects us to our daily lives.

Our response to this aspiration of the nascent world culture is to offer teachings of Naturality as educational tools, rather than as religious or spiritual beliefs and dogmas. Although these teachings are grounded in reason and science, there is a clear acknowledgement that both feelings and faith provide the essential energy and passion required to walk the path of Naturality.

Naturality programs are based on the following principles:

  • Self-Care and Care of Others
  • Self-Inquiry, Self-Knowledge and Self-Expression as processes on the path
  • Integration of Evolution, Brain sciences, Psychology and Physics as an understanding of the wholeness and sacredness of existence

Naturality bridges the gap between the nature within and the nature without; the wisdom of the ancients and the knowledge of the new; the individual and the universal and it affirms the student-teacher dialogue in lieu of the guru-disciple relationship.