We are living in an exciting era of transition and transformation. For the first time in human history, a world culture is emerging. Old geographical, cultural, religious and racial boundaries are disappearing and the world is becoming a global village.

Three unique features define this young world culture – the pervasive influence of science and technology, the desire for material well being and the emphasis on individuality. Old faiths, religions and spiritual authorities are either being questioned or rejected. Young people are refusing to submit to old traditions, rules and rituals. As a result, many are sensing a void in their lives and are searching for new paths. There is an interest in self-inquiry and an aspiration for self-knowledge that connects us to our daily lives.

Naturality is a response to this yearning of the young world culture. Naturality is to live according to our nature and walk our own path. Naturality doesn’t belong to any specific culture, religion or a spiritual tradition. On the path of Naturality, anything relevant to human life including religion, spirituality, science, arts, business, politics, sports, and arts becomes a door to understanding the fullness of life.

The foundation of Naturality is science because science is the language through which this new world culture communicates and it is the lens through which it sees. Science is the foundational myth and the epic story of this world culture. Science has the ability to connect us, regardless of race, color, language or culture. It pervades all aspects of global life including economics, health, politics, education and art.

The goal of Naturality is not to create a revolution or another religion or a system of philosophy. Naturality is born from the awareness that a revolution is already happening in the world and that Naturality simply articulates and expresses this revolution’s essence and form. Naturality’s aim is to create a platform where many can gather, connect, experience and express themselves irrespective of their backgrounds.

Naturality points towards the source that compels us to live more naturally; this source is the natural self within all of us. Without consciously connecting to the natural self and living according to it, the current natural movement remains incomplete, and our actions merely rituals rather than a force for total, meaningful transformation.