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Meditation: Subconscious, Dreams and Creativity

6 Session Meditation Program on Subconscious, Dreams and Creativity with Jivasu and Mira Starting Wednesday Sept. 16   To become aware is to know life’s meaning and purpose Start Date – Wednesday, Sept. 16 (six Wednesdays), 7 pm to 9 pm Venue – Regent Wellness Center, 150 Locke St. South – Hamilton Fee – $120 (includes tax) For […]

Meditation Program

Cultivating Inner Silence

‘Silence is the source of all that exists’ Our mind is filled with noise of thoughts. Awake or asleep, working or resting, thoughts don’t leave us alone, making us tired, stressed, anxious and ill. Distractions help to escape from them but they rush back as soon as the distraction is over. Is it possible to […]


Freedom from Stress, Fear and Anxiety

Individually and collectively fear is the central problem of humanity causing stress and anxiety and prevents us from living fully. In this workshop we will explore the origin, structure and experience of fear, stress and anxiety and also how we become free from them through Meditation and Mind-Body Medicine.   Dates – Sunday April 20, […]

Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat In Dunnville Ontario – Mind- Body Medicine

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Chronic pain and Depression are the most difficult conditions to treat and heal. PTSD affects the emotional brain, which can profoundly affect the life or cripple it. Meditation and Mind-Body Medicine are effective ways to manage and heal the above. In this two day/two night retreat we will explore the roots […]