The Seven Elements of Naturality

  1. Samagra mantra

    Dharma Daham, Dharma Manas, Dharma Buddhi-Atman
    Right care of body, emotions, intellect and soul.
    Dharma Priya Jan, Dharma Serva Jan, Dharma Desh, Dharma Dhara
    Right care of family, community, country and the earth.
    Dharma Neham, Dharma Ekam, Dharma Hee Gatisheelta
    Let love, harmony and flow sustain right care.
    Dharma Jeevan, Dharma Chetan, Dharma Hee Ananda Param.
    Let right care bring the joy of conscious living.

  2. Seven interdependent factors

    • Self-Awareness emerged as the brain evolved
    • Fear of living and dying
    • Formation of ego or self for safety and perception of immortality
    • Alienation, conflict and discontent
    • Decline in pleasure and well-being
    • Consumption of power, wealth, food, sex, drugs, knowledge to maintain pleasure
    • Environmental destruction
  3. Goal – Natural living or Sahajta

    Freedom from fear, conflict and discontent with the experience of Awareness, Bliss and Compassion (ABC of life)

  4. Path – Seven doors to Naturality – Choose one, many or all

    • Ethics – Self-care and care for others
    • Self-Knowing – studying the book of life
    • Worship and prayer
    • Fasting and pilgrimage
    • Yoga poses and other movements
    • Breathing
    • Meditation
  5. Core learning

    1. Innate nature (Prakarti)
    2. Centers of conscious evolution and involution (Chakras)
  6. The Naturality Practice – 45 minutes or longer

    • 20 minutes: Bindu yoga – 5 poses (Mountain, cat, prayer, bindu or marma, child)
    • 10 minutes: Breath of Dissolution or Kalajayi breath
    • 15 minutes: Expansiveness or Braham meditation
  7. Experiences on the path of Naturality

    • Ego: Knowledge of the World
    • Soul: Knowledge of the Self
    • Universal Mind: Experience of God
    • Universal No-Mind: Experience of Emptiness and Non-duality
    • Natural Humans or Naturals – UG Krishnamurti, Mother Mira and Sri Aurobindo