What is Naturality (Sahajta)?

“The artificial is a fragment of the natural” – Jivasu

Naturality is a derivation from Nature, from the Latin, Natura, meaning innate intelligence or nature. In Sanskrit, the word Naturality can be translated to Sahajata, itself derived from the Sahaja (Saha meaning “with” and Ja meaning “born”). Sahaja means “that with which we are born”- and we are born with our innate intelligence.

Naturality embraces life’s underlying harmony and flow. Even that which we consider artificial or abnormal still contains a fragment of the natural.

Human ‘naturals’, though in the minority, are those who have discovered Naturality and are living according to it. Minerals, plants and animals are also ‘naturals’, because each lives in according to its innate intelligence, a state of Naturality or Sahajta.

Naturality includes anything that emerges from a person’s nature. Naturality includes belief in God and atheism, materialism and spirituality, science and religion, the organic and the artificial, health and disease, living and dying. These may seem to be opposites but they are all part of the same ever-flowing movement of life.

Biologically, our genetic makeup or genes determine our nature. This includes our physical body, emotions and thoughts. Genes are surrounded by epigenetic material, which regulates how genes will express themselves. This is further influenced by the biological and cultural environment in which we live. This means that all aspects of nature play a role in the molding of a person’s nature. The person, the world and the universe are all part of a single movement. Nature exists partly at the macro level, which is experienced by the senses. Nature also exists on a micro level, which cannot be experienced directly by the senses. This subtle, micro level of Nature is called the ‘quantum’ realm or universe.

Our physical body, emotions and thoughts are connected and influenced by a much larger biological reality then we can comprehend. Here ‘biological’ means a living and conscious entity. It is like a vast ocean that we can never know in its entirety, however, a single drop from this ocean can quench our thirst. Naturality is the process of biological and psychological expansion, until all boundaries are broken and we are released into the boundless ocean of life.