A Natural Path of Awakening

Naturality offers the most comprehensive and unique teacher training programs, workshops, seminars, talks and retreats in India and worldwide. Founded and guided by Jivasu, a medical doctor from India, Naturality programs are a combination of teachings and practices based on scientific principles for clear and contemporary understanding and transformation within and the world around us.

Naturality’s goal is to discover the Natural Self. To come to place a place of deep understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This helps us to deal with the stress and turmoils of daily life with calmness and heals us through the natural life energy within us. This path takes us to our destiny, allowing us to become free from fear and guilt. Naturality teachings include six new and innovative Yogas to transform our lives. Thousands have now taken the path of Naturality. Join the movement. Learn more.

“The most beautiful book to read is the book of our life”

– Jivasu

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