About naturality

Naturality movement is founded by Jivasu. Naturality is a process of self-knowing.
It’s not a system of knowledge. Most people have enough knowledge and experiences, but
these are fragmented and scattered in mind. The reason behind the fragmentation is the
conflict between our innate nature and the demand of the culture to conform and follow the
established patterns. Most often we surrender to the big world around us or escape into
religions, philosophies, teachers and experts which create dependence and become one more
barrier rather than a path to find our destiny.

Naturality provides tools, techniques (including meditation) and teachings to initiate a process based on our unique nature to integrate the fragments of our life to create a coherent story from the chaos.
We enter into the door of our natural personality which eventually leads to the experience of
the essence or natural self. Life is no more an experience of conflict but celebration. In this
process the inner nature unites with the outer nature and both are affirmed as the movement
of one life.

The process continues- we go further- breaking all boundaries - released into expansive mind
and then into boundless and timeless silence and fullness. We become totally and
unconditionally free from fear and guilt and abide in peace.

The process of Naturality is like the formation of a river from trickles and puddles of water. As
the puddles and trickles of life get connected, a stream emerges. When many streams join, a
river is formed. The river flows between the two shores of insight and love. It widens and
deepens, gains its full momentum eventually to merge into the sea, its destination.

Want to learn more? Read the free booklet for a more in depth look at the foundational philosophies of Naturality.