Chakras, Kundalini and Evolution

  ‘Evolution is suffering, evolution is celebration’           - Jivasu In an individual, Chakra and its conscious, dynamic energy (known as Kundalini) are the living blue prints and maps of the evolution. Once we experience these maps and blueprint, they become the actual...

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Why Do We Suffer From Stress?

Without learning about the problem of the stress, a discussion Yoga and Meditation will remain inadequate and incomplete. In order to understand stress, we have to go into evolution of humans and what makes them unique. Humans have two unique features which differentiate them from all...

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Is Free Will Possible

Is Free Will Possible?

Free will means that a person is absolutely independent of the world and thinks, speaks, and chooses without any influence from either the environment or culture. A person with free will can live in absolute aloneness, and act on the world with total freedom. Is this...

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