Experiences on the Path of Naturality

Painting by Shipra Gupta

Painting by Shipra Gupta

The first milestone on the path of Naturality is the development of a healthy identity. Without a well-grounded identity, the foundations of the natural life will be shaky. If we attempt to transcend an identity that is not fully formed, we can face both mental and physical health problems.



The identity not only provides protection from the feverish dance of life and death but it also helps in survival, both individually and collectively. At an individual level, a well-developed identity is an essential step on our life’s journey. The healthy identity has five elements: self-care, care of others, trust, boundaries and quest. Without a healthy identity, a person may suffer from various mental and physical health problems.


Natural Personality: Enter the Door to Freedom

We are born with our natural personality. It’s supposed to be on forefront our life and guide us. But the identity which is borrowed from the culture hides natural personality resulting in conflict between who we are and how we are supposed to live and behave which results and conflict and guilt. Knowing our natural personality opens the door to our natural self.


Natural Crisis: Diving into the Unknown

Transition from the natural personality to the natural self is not easy and may lead to a full blown crisis in which we face our fear and darkness and lose control, the hall mark of identity. We come to face to face with death, which as we explored earlier is the core problem of life. Without going through the natural crisis we can’t discover our natural self. Natural crisis is the process of inner purification resulting in healing and wholeness.


Natural self: Discovery of Destiny

On the foundation of a healthy identity, we discover our natural selves and become fully functional individuals. The natural self is the experience of witnessing consciousness, love and compassion, natural meditation, a sense of well-being, freedom from fear of death, healing and discovering one’s own destiny.

Destiny is the feeling of a clear, conscious purpose in life that emerges from our natural self. A sense of destiny fills life with passion and meaning.


Expansive Mind: Experience of Vastness

The Natural Self is not the end of the journey. It continues with the experience of the Universal Mind, which is named God by many religions.

The experience of Universal Mind unfolds as a sense of Oneness with the World and nature- the God Experience and Universal Love.


Expansive Stillness: The Nameless Silence

When God, mystery, creator, creation, time and space are all left behind, then only pure consciousness is left. This consciousness is without name, form, time or space. It is nothingness, the beginning of stillness, tranquility and silence. The brain has no ripples of thought and becomes a clean mirror, reflecting what goes on within and outside.

The experience of expansive stillness includes the following: Stillness; Universal Compassion; Ending of Thoughts; Birth and Death are in harmonious union.


Natural Oneness: Union and Harmony

Human body is earth and earth is human body. Both of them belong to physical Nature. But the identity which is primarily an emotional and mental entity impinges on the body and brain and makes them dormant. They can’t function with their natural rhythms and their connection with theearth and nature is broken resulting in dominance and destruction of nature. Walking the path of Naturality is not only the expansion of the consciousness but also the recovery of the body. Body gets reconnected with the earth and nature. Such reconnection leads to the harmony of an individual with the nature and aligned with its rhythms rather than destroying it. Such a state was the hallmark of native people and tribal groups on earth which slowly was lost as human life was more and more dominated by the activities of the mind.