100 Hour Naturality Training Program (Online) April 15-Sept 15, 2020

USD $400.00

A natural path of four awakenings and six Yogas

April 15-September 15, 2020

Return to body-Return to Nature- Return to Non-Dual Consciousness

Naturality is natural spirituality. Naturality is to live differently. It’s to live according to our nature.

Naturality’s simple and clear teachings, explained from a scientific perspective, will help you to discover the natural rhythms of your life and to find peace and order in a complex and anxious world. With calm confidence, you will explore your natural self and take creative action to fulfill the potential with which you were born.

The process will free you from the two core problems of fear and guilt and release your body to give you an experience of full life and connecting again to the earth and nature of which the body is an integral part.

Beside foundational teachings, the six Yogas of Naturality are created to deal with the problems of love and relationships, emotional and mental health, aging and old age, death and dying and how to stay a compassionate person in the age of artificial intelligence and genetic engineering.

In this certification program, through philosophy, science and practice, you will learn how to build an identity, know your natural personality and manage lifestyle to live in health and peace. This will help you to find your natural self with which you were born and lead to the realization of the universal and non-dual consciousness also called enlightenment.


Benefits of learning about Naturality

  • Building your identity to successfully live in the world
  • Knowing your natural personality to adopt a lifestyle according to your nature
  • Realizing your natural-self to heal your past, to live in peace, passion and bliss
  • Discovering five natural virtues within –
  1. Inner power, to become an independent and creative person
  2. Meaning of our life which comes from within
  3. Experience of self-love through which we accept who we are
  4. Inner happiness which is not dependent on the world
  5. Realizing our destiny, knowing what we are supposed to do in the world
  • Learning about six Yogas to deal with the problem of daily living

What you will learn?

  • What is Naturality?
  • Why Naturality?
  • Naturality is a natural path of four awakenings
  • Many doors to Naturality
  • Preparing for the journey

.Building a healthy identity

.Knowing our natural personality

.Naturality practice: The Naturality Practice is a combination of body poses,    breathing techniques and meditations.

  • Experiences on the Path

.Natural Crisis: Diving into the unknown

. Natural Self: Discovering the Destiny

.Expansive Mind: I am the world

.Expansive Stillness: The nameless silence

.Expansive Fullness: This is full, that is full

Teaching Methods

  • Experience based education
  • Problem based learning
  • Dialectical dialogue
  • Self-inquiry
  • Healthy competition and co-operation

Six Yogas of Naturality

1.Yoga of Love and Relationships-Neh Yoga

2.Yoga of Emotional and Mental Health-Manas Yoga

3.Yoga of Aging and Old Age – Vana Yoga

4.Yoga of Death and Dying – Kalajayi Yoga

5.Yoga of Complete Beauty- Kanti Yoga

6.Yoga of Artificial Intelligence-Vigyan Yoga

In addition to the above, you will also learn how to become an effective and confident teacher.


Course Material

  1. Video recordings
  2. Books by Jivasu
  • Meditation – The art, science and methods of meditations
  • Naturality
  1. Recorded meditation and chants
  2. Other reading material if needed


April 15 – Sept. 15, 2020

Fee: Cad. $ 500 or US $ 400

Deposit- $250. Pay via Paypal or credit card