Core Teachings

What is Naturality?

Naturality is a natural path of four awakenings:

Awakening to the Problems

Fear and guilt are the two core problems of human life.

Fear is the fear of death of the body and also fear of death of the ‘I’ or personal self.

Guilt is the guilt of not living to our full potential and also the guilt of feeling selfish if we are trying to live up to our full potential.

Awakening to the Cause of the Problems

Emergence of ‘I’ or sense of personal self

Awakening to our Response to the Problems

Escape into the world of distractions to avoid fear and guilt; which results in alienation from life; which then results in life-energy being blocked

Awakening to the Solution to the Problems

Path of Naturality – Our unique natural path

Many of us have enough knowledge and experiences but they remain fragmented. In Naturality we learn to integrate our fragmented knowledge and experiences and weave them into a harmonious whole. The drops of our experiences and knowledge merge to form a trickle; these trickles become a stream of insights; these streams a river of ever-widening consciousness; and the river flows between the two shores of passion and peace towards the sea, its destination to become free from fear and guilt.

Naturality starts with building a healthy identity, which then prepares the ground to enter into our natural personality with which we were born. Knowing our natural personality is to read the book of our own life. It helps us in healing our emotional scars, cleans us from the burdens of the past and allows us to arrive at the Natural Self.

By realizing our Natural Self we discover five natural virtues inherent in us. The first virtue is our inner power, to become an independent and creative person; the second is the meaning of our life which comes from within; the third is the experience of self-love through which we accept who we are; the fourth is the inner happiness which is not dependent on the world and the fifth is realizing our destiny, knowing what we are supposed to do in the world.

Beyond Natural Self, we experience expansive fullness to arrive at unconditional love and freedom.

The Essence of Naturality

  • Fear of death of body and personal self and guilt are the twin problems of human life
  • Naturality is not a goal but a process, and each point and experience in the process is part of the Naturality. Naturality is in the beginning, in the middle and in the end
  • A healthy identity is the first milestone on Naturality path
  • Biology and the body are the  underpinning of all experiences on the Naturality path
  • Naturality is an education. Education means realizing what is already there within us
  • The Naturality teachings are like scaffolding. They help us to build our life and live it fully. Once life is built, the scaffolding is no longer necessary
  • The teacher is the guide, not the authority. They are the pointing finger on the path of Naturality

Naturality: Right Care all the Way

Dharma Daham, Dharma Manas, Dharma Buddhi-Atman

Right care to body, feelings, intellect and natural self

Dharma Priya Jan, Dharma Serva Jan, Dharma Desh, Dharma Dhara

Right care to family, community, country and the earth

Dharma Neham, Dharma Ekam, Dharma Hee Gatisheelta

Let love, oneness  and movement sustain right care

Dharma Jeevan, Dharma Chetan, Dharma Hee Ananda Param.

Let right care bring the bliss of conscious living.

Sahajam Asti Asti Asti

I affirm this, I affirm this, I affirm this in my Naturality