The Naturality Practice

Painting by Shipra Gupta

Painting by Shipra Gupta

The Naturality Practice is a combination of body poses, breathing techniques and meditation, which can be completed in less than an hour.

Naturality poses are called Point Poses as they activate some of the major energy points in the body. They bring greater vitality and relieve stress and pain, particularly in the head and face area. For those who experience pain, disability and/or old age, Naturality poses are particularly effective. In Naturality, any pose that the body naturally takes can become an effective Yoga pose as long as:

-       The body part involved in the pose is gently stretched

-       The pose is sustained for more than twenty seconds

-       Breathing is normal and regular

-       One remains aware of the pose

The “Breath of Dissolution” follows a set of poses. This is a breathing technique that can be practiced either lying down or sitting comfortably in a chair. The Naturality Practice ends with Expansiveness Meditation.