Two Naturality Stories

Painting by Shipra Gupta

Painting by Shipra Gupta

Jealousy is Natural 

A young woman observed that many of her fellow students seemed to be doing better in their studies than her. She began to feel increasingly jealous. Finally, she went to the teacher, confessing her jealousy.

The teacher looked at her with compassion and replied, “Don’t be distressed. Jealousy is natural.”

The young woman was shocked, saying that in the teachings of many traditions, jealousy is seen as poison.

The teacher replied, “It is only poison when you don’t understand it. Tell me, why are you jealous?”

The student replied, “Other students are doing better than me.”

The teacher said, “So your jealousy is asking you to do better. Find a natural way to do your best”

The teacher did not see her again for many years. One day she returned and teacher noticed that she was radiating a sense of peace. He asked her how she was doing.

She replied, “I am successful and happy.”

The teacher inquired, “How is that problem of jealousy?”

She smiled and said, “It’s disappeared completely. There is no reason to be jealous anymore.”

The teacher replied, “We can learn from everything we experience. Something as seemingly negative as jealousy can become the door to something great”


The Most Beautiful Book

A teacher asked five students to find the most beautiful book in the world. After one year they returned and displayed their books.

The first student showed a holy book of scripture, and said that it was the most beautiful book in the world because it contained knowledge about God.

The second student showed a book of science and said that it was the most beautiful book because it contained the knowledge on how to make us safe, comfortable and live longer.

The third student displayed a book on art and philosophy and said that it was the most beautiful book because it revealed the depth and beauty of life.

The fourth student showed a book of ethics and said that it was the most beautiful book because it helped us to live in harmony.

The fifth student had no book to show. She was asked, “Where is your book?”

She pointed in all directions and then towards herself and said,

 “I have the book of life all around and inside me. That is the most beautiful book. All other books come from the book of life.”

She received the award for the most beautiful book.