Way of Naturality

Painting by Shipra Gupta

Painting by Shipra Gupta

Naturality is a natural, simple, non-linear, open-ended, ever-evolving framework of teachings and practices that changes and grows as the people exploring it change and grow. Although we are always walking our natural path, understanding the Naturality framework makes us more aware of our natural selves and our natural path. This knowledge helps us to fully discover our natural creativity and ability for effortless self-expression, which then allows us to become fully functional individuals.

Naturality is a movement – a movement in which there are no gurus or to-do lists. There are only friends and facilitators who are also on a personal journey and walking their natural paths. Within Naturality, there are many continuously evolving programs and courses designed to provide a space for individuals with different nature to fully realize, express, and celebrate themselves.

The essential elements of the framework, further explained in the various programs of Naturality, are described in more details in the following sections.


Fear: The Core Problem of Life

We are born as a body like any other living being on earth. The unique feature of the body is that life and death occur simultaneously within it, but without any consciousness. The body’s consciousness is reflexive, which help it in survival and in reproduction. In the body, matter energy and consciousness are in perfect balance with peace and pleasure. That balance is disturbed when there is a demand for food, shelter or biological protection. When those needs are met, the balance, peace and pleasure are restored. There are no mental boundaries and no sense of time. This perfect balance of the body ends with the evolution of the brain and development of the consciousness about ourselves and the world around us. We are separated from the rest of the world and nature. Then, the fear of death and life emerges.

The fear of death (and life) begins around the age of three years. In order to escape from the fear child takes shelter in family, society and culture. Eventually they become child’s identity under which the child’s unique nature lies buried.


Formation of Identity: Home and a Prison

Growing up, socio-cultural conditioning forms our identity. This identity helps us to survive and function efficiently within the world. If we are not well adjusted, an unhealthy identity forms, which leads to many physical and mental health problems along with emotional distress. Naturality guides us to build a healthy identity.

Healthy identity has five features:

- Self-care

- Care of others

- Trust

- Boundaries

- Quest


Know Your Natural Personality: Enter the Door to Freedom

Identity buries the nature but it can’t hide it completely. Unique nature expresses itself as natural personalities. If we become aware and follow natural personality, the doors to freedom open. This awareness is key for nurturing the relationship with the world and ourselves.

We are the combination of the following three natural personalities:

1. Earth

2. Fire

3. Wind


Natural Crisis: Diving into the Unknown

In order for us to progress further beyond the bounds of the identity’s structure and natural personality, we have to face our subconscious. Conscious life is only a small part of our total existence. It’s like the tip of the iceberg, while hidden underneath is a vast ocean of human experience. Here lie feelings of guilt, anger, and fear; memories of trauma, failure and despair; wounds and scars from painful events of the past. But this mysterious ocean of human experience also includes light, insight, creativity and joy—the most precious gifts of the subconscious. These  treasures can be discovered when we enter the dark world of the subconscious and illuminate it with the light of consciousness. We can then transform its energy and integrate it into our daily lives.

So we see that a shattering experience of disillusionment can actually become the catalyst for great natural growth. We become vulnerable and receptive, acquiring the sensitivity required for change. When we reach this level of sensitivity, then the distraction and protection provided by the identity is no longer effective. If this process is allowed to take its own course, it leads to the experience of natural self. A second birth occurs within us as we are born into the wholeness of natural self. We become creators and recreate ourselves. Rebirth is the result of this mind-body union.


Natural Self: Discovering the Destiny

A major milestone on the Naturality path is the discovery of our inner guru, which is when our natural self completely awakens. It is a feeling of being centered within and being at home wherever we are. It is the inner GPS that guides us through the complexities of the world with clarity, calmness and full awareness.

Our inner guru brings a natural discipline to life and allows us to express our creativity fearlessly, effortlessly, and with joy. It allows us to feel deeply and completely healed from within, as our body functions with ease and natural balance, our emotions is vibrant and smooth as they connect our inner and outer worlds, while our thoughts flow, articulate and communicate with their natural rhythm. In essence, our inner guru helps us to fulfill the natural purpose of our life. We experience flow.

Flow is the feeling of gliding through the world with ease and energy. In Flow, we are fully aligned with our surroundings. The body is relaxed, the senses are sharp, and the mind is calm, open and focused. We touch new peaks of creativity and become pioneers. These are the moments when our natural self finds its true and full expression. Naturality provides a comprehensive understanding of the various tools that facilitate the experience of Flow.


Expansive Mind: I am the World

As we move beyond the natural self we enter into  Expansive Mind and feel a sense of oneness with the world, and the world becomes the expression of the one conscious force. It brings the experience of universal love, a love that is not selective or limited. In Expansive Mind, death and life become lover and beloved and can’t be separated. This brings further freedom from the fear of death because we realize that there is no death, and that when our body dies, the something lives on in Expansive Mind.


Expansive Stillness: The Nameless Silence

When God, mystery, creator, creation, time and space are all emptied out, then only pure consciousness is left. This consciousness is without name, form, time or space. It is stillness, tranquility and silence. The brain has no ripples of thoughts and becomes a clean mirror, reflecting what goes on within and outside. In Expansive Stillness all events, states, thoughts and feelings are experienced as impermanent. Life moves and changes on its own without an absolute self or mover. All is experienced as oneness.


Explore the Centers of Consciousness

The centers of consciousness, traditionally known as chakras, are located on the areas of the body and brain where the energy flow is at its maximum. The experience of strong energy sensation is due to the awakening of our whole nervous system, which typically lies partially dormant due to social and cultural conditioning. Once the nervous system is awakened, these centers become links to fuller experiences of physical, emotional, and intellectual consciousness.