Six Yogas of Naturality

Six Yogas of Naturality

Six Yogas of Naturality form a comprehensive and clear framework that can help us to deal with the problems as they arise at various aspects and stages of our life.

1. Yoga of Love and Relationships

We seek love and relationships to fulfill our desire for security, pleasure and attention. In our search for love, we try to live our life through others.  When we make others the objects of our desire, we become tempted to try to mold them to fill our needs and to share our world view.  However, this misguided approach brings an end to love. Love can only exist between two individuals who are equal and are not trying to change each other.  When this relationship of equality does not exist, love is bound to wither and die. That is why so few people experience an enduring love, and instead keep on seeking new relationships.

Once connected with our natural self, we experience love within, a love that illuminates others with its glow. In this love, there is no search for security or desire to change others. Such love paves the path for universal love and eventually unconditional love.

2. Yoga of Emotional and Mental Health

Emotions and feelings form the core of our natural personality, without which we can’t function in the world. Knowing and understanding our emotions and feelings are the essence of living. Naturality begins with building a healthy identity or ego, which can protect against emotional and mental illnesses.  Although we may still experience turbulent emotion, a strong identity prevents the progression to serious mental illness. Later, by discovering our natural personality we learn to live in a state of love, well-being and creativity.

3. Yoga of Aging and Old Age

Many feel burdened as old age approaches. Our minds can’t accept the fact we are aging and we can’t do the same things that we did in the past. We don’t realize that aging brings many blessings.  We have to know how to use those blessings rather than remaining stuck in the patterns of our youth.

In Naturality, aging and old age is the time for adventure, for exploring the outer world as well as the world within. It’s a time to fulfill our dreams and discover our natural self. That process brings delight to our daily living as well as an outpouring of creativity that we’ve never experienced before.

4. Yoga of Death and Dying

Life and death are two sides of the same coin; they are both complementary sides of nature. We cannot live fully without accepting death, and we cannot die in peace if we have not lived fully. However, our minds hold life and death as two separate and mutually exclusive concepts, instead of accepting that they are as closely integrated as light and dark, night and day. Our mind urges us to cling to life and to escape death, but in truth, our fear of death becomes a mental prison. Our fear and anxiety prevents us from living a fulfilled life.  Yet when it is finally time for death, we are anxious that we have not lived fully enough and so we don’t want to die.

As we live according to our natural self, the cycle of fear and escape comes to an end. We accept our mortality, and as a result we start living with increased vitality. Naturality explores the causes of the fear of death, the physical process of dying, and answers a most haunting question: what happens when we die?

5. Yoga of Digital Culture and Artificial Intelligence 

In our times digital culture of computers, automation, genetic engineering, nano-technology and artificial intelligence is rapidly progressing. Many are worried that it will take over our world and reduce us to the inferior and subservient place.

Yes that is possible if we go along with it and not counter it with ever increasing awakening within us. It happened in the past also with industrial and information revolutions up to some extent. Many started serving the machines rather than remain the masters of the matter.

Awareness is always supreme if we let it grow constantly to keep pace with the material developments of science and technology. Without increasing awareness we will be diminished to mere biological patterns or algorithms that can be measured, calculated, dominated and manipulated.

6. Yoga of Complete Beauty

In the emerging world culture, old definitions of beauty are outdated. We can’t define beauty on the basis of our height, our skin colour, or the shape of our facial features. Beauty has to include the inner qualities of a person rather than merely the beauty of the body.

Naturality defines beauty as the experience of delight and well-being brought by the harmonious functioning of the mind and body. It’s reflected in radiant skin, lustrous eyes, erect posture and energetic movements, and also in becoming loving, attentive, patient and calm. Then we are living in complete beauty.